Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades

Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades 2.2

Real Warfare 2 continues the series of historical real-time strategy titles
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Prussia in the XIII century is the last stand of Paganism in Europe. Wild plains and forests inhabited by wild people. A fearful place...the Teutonic Order Brothers prepare to conquer it by fire and sword.
Real Warfare 2 continues the series of historical real-time strategy titles depicting various periods of civilization and its development – from the Dark Ages to the modern era.
The new installment in historically accurate tactical real-time wargames offers two closely interconnected layers of gameplay:
* Strategic map – real-time, living, integral world offering full freedom of actions and incorporating quests, dialogs, RPG elements and story progression;
* Tactical battles – carry out your strategic decisions on the battlefield, for example commanding an assault on a vital castle.
Player as Comtur of the Teutonic Order you must overcome the furious resistance of the pagans and their numerical superiority to claim new lands for your order in the story-based campaign that consists of over 25 battles and an unlimited number of random fights. You must gain experience, build up and maintain a victorious army, all in low resource conditions.
The strategic map features a whole living world where armies, bandit gangs and even small groups of peasants travel in real-time:
* Civilians traveling between settlements are an easy prey for bandits or enemy raiders.
* Militia forces chase bandit gangs and enemy raiders, but avoid more powerful foes.
* Armies of various factions gather to attack enemy lands or defend their own.
* Merchants are the most tempting target for bandits, but they may have a formidably sized guard force.
* Bandits search for easy prey to rob and plunder, but avoid more powerful detachments.
* Knights and lords have their own motives and armies. Usually battles with them are the most challenging.

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